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Rain, rain, go away

Thank you, Colson Whitehead, for this frank and funny take on what it means to be a writer working and living in Brooklyn these days (hint: it doesn't mean much of anything, in and of itself). We've become a kind of default--not to mention irritatingly monolithic--shorthand for being "writerly," and for those of us who either have spent a significant amount of time here or take our work seriously enough to avoid annoying marketing trends, Whitehead's sufficiently exasperated edict serves as a refreshing corrective.

Burnt Offerings
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Random line: "I didn't want you to be afraid," she says, and her tone is suddenly indignant, as if I've asked an unfathomably stupid question.

Primary Question

Is my polling district the only place where the election workers could easily be recast as the townspeople from "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"?

Is this true in other districts, or a nod to the fact that Lovecraft did indeed write "The Horror at Red Hook" about my neighborhood?

Just wondering.

For Those of You Who Don't Know...

Clarkesworld, the beloved and greatly mourned online Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror bookstore, has risen from the grave!

Its return is only temporary, however-- on January 31, like all good things, it really will come to an end. So go buy some stuff. You won't be sorry!


To All My Witchy Family and Friends...

Have a very happy Samhain!

My first attempt at video blogging

Now that I have a camcorder, I may have finally found the answer to my sporadic LJing. Witness, the magick of moving pictures!!!


Consider this my entry in the ongoing LJ Wisconery. More to come, when not feeling so brain-dead and sick (if that EVER happens)...


How tired am I?

I just read this headline in The New York Times--"Crack Is Found in Shuttle's Foam Insulation"-- and thought, "Holy shit! One of the astronauts is a crack addict!"

I told you I was tired.